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When looking for a foundation repair in Syracuse, it is vital that you consider a company that doesn’t only know the how to’s of basic repair, but also one with knowledge about how foundations can be damaged through time. This is crucial because if the repair company does not know these things, you may need to deal with the same situation in the days or years to come. At Syracuse Foundation Repair, we don’t provide you with a temporary solution to a long-term problem. We make sure that we look at the root cause of the problem and we will begin from there. We will study what needs to be examined such as the ground where your home is established. After we have considered everything that needs to look at, we will expertly do the repairs and alterations required to make sure you have a home foundation that will not only last for a couple of years but decades and even a century.

Why do You Need Foundation Repair?

Your house’s foundation is crucial when it comes to the structural integrity of the entire property. If this part of the home is compromised, safety issues may arise soon. Regardless of the reason you want to have foundation repair, it is vital that the foundation is in top condition. This is for you and your property’s safety.

Some of the primary reasons you need a foundation repair are inadequate water drainage that affects flower beds, outside your home, or maybe there is a lack of drainage system in your property.

Another reason you may need a foundation repair is when you live in an area with irregular land shifts. This can significantly affect the structural integrity of your home. In most cases, foundation inspection expert service should be used to make sure the foundation is good for building a house. These experts are hired separately from the professionals who will do repairs in the foundation of your home.

Learn More About Syracuse Foundation Repair

We provide a wide range of services that help improve the integrity of the foundation of your home. We can offer you our foundation inspection service as well as repairs, both partial and full replacement service, foundation wall support and foundation raising. It is hard to look for a company who does the same function as our company does.

Area of Service

    Our primary market is the area of Syracuse, but we are more than willing to extend our service to the surrounding areas. Homeowners from other regions may avail of our service for an additional charge. Regardless of your location, our team will be able to reach you and provide you with the best of our service.

    Picture of an old house in Syracuse NY being repaired due to cracks in the foundation

    Foundation Inspections

    If you see any sign of damage in your home’s foundation, don’t wait too long before you call a foundation inspector to assess the situation. You don’t have to call other companies to inspect you because we can provide you with this service. Once you give us a call, we will send our inspectors immediately so we can start with the necessary process at once. You may think you can assess the situation of your home accurately, but this can, in turn, cause more trouble in the future. Trust the professionals to do this crucial task for you.

    Foundation Repairs

    When our foundation inspector sees the need for a foundation repair, we will immediately look for the right materials and the appropriate equipment to use for the process. We will also discuss with you the entire process as well as the length of time we need to finish the project. Then we will provide you with the base quote. Whether it is a simple repair or full foundation replacement, we have the experience and the expertise to do it.

    Full/Partial Replacement

    Your foundation will need replacement if the wrong material is installed to your home. In some cases, steel reinforcement should be done to ensure your home stays upright. Steel reinforcement ensures that the foundation of your home will not be compromised. If any part of the home is not upright, the problem has a domino effect and becomes a significant issue for your entire home. Some houses don’t need a full foundation replacement that is why we also offer partial alternatives to ensure the security of your home.

    Foundation Raising

    Aside from earthquakes, your home will have to face other natural occurrences such as erosion, flood, and even pests infestation. In this case, it is essential that you have the foundations of your home rose. Foundation raising is a significant area of home repair to ensure it is safe from natural disasters. We will lift your home to secure it from soil damage, water, and many other things that can compromise its integrity. In providing this service, it is essential that the foundation repair company has the proper equipment to complete the task, or else, your home is in danger of being damaged. We take pride with our equipment including a helical lifting system which allows us to carry the weight of your home without the fear of it getting destroyed. This equipment lets us safely and efficiently lift your home to a height ideal for your protection.

    Foundation Wall Support

    When your wall starts to tilt or is in danger of falling, there is no better foundation repair company in Syracuse that you can call but Syracuse Foundation Repair.  We use I-beams to provide the proper foundation for your walls. I-beams have proven its reliability through years of use. Typically, I-beams are made of steel and are placed on the floor and the ceiling of the house to provide added security top its foundation.

    Picture of man's hand installing plaster to repair cracks in the foundation for customer in Syracuse, NY

    House Bolting

    Earthquakes are a natural phenomenon that we can’t control. But we can make sure your homes can withstand an earthquake that will hit it. We offer to hold down brackets, foundation bolting, as well as wall bracing to make sure your home doesn’t give in during an earthquake. Using these methods will give you added confidence that your home will not be significantly damaged in an earthquake.

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