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Foundation raising is integral in home repairs as well as in making sure your home is secured against natural disasters. It doesn’t only add protection but also fixes issues existing issues that can cause damages to your home. Simply put, foundation raising is crucial in safeguarding the stability and durability of your house. Foundation raising is the process of lifting your home to protect it from soil damage, water, and other problems that may occur. We will expertly assess the situation of your home before deciding on the best method to use in keeping your home safe from different factors. We will not recommend foundation raising unless it is the ideal solution to the problem.

You may be unfamiliar with foundation raising, and we understand if you find it confusing. Some homeowners have a lot of questions about foundation raising and worry about the safety of the process. We listen to these concerns and make sure we make time to explain in details the critical points in foundation raising. We have been doing this for many years now, and we can assure you that your home is safe with our team.

Thorough inspection needs to be done before this process is done because not all homes can need and can survive this technique. We will make sure first that your home has a good foundation, to begin with before starting the project. Even if your house has not been built on sound foundations, we can still make sure we can do the task correctly and safely. Many of our clients thank us after the process because they feel more secure that there home will not be facing water and soil damages in the future.

For us to commence foundation raising, we will ask you to leave your home for a few days so we can scrutinize your home. Although we are aware that this will interrupt your daily routine, we encourage you to follow through because this is only for the best. What is a day or two of interruption compared to a lifetime of security? If you want to make sure your home is in good form and that its environment is fit for it, contact us, and we will do an inspection. We will know if your home is too heavy for the foundation, or if the soil is healthy enough to hold your home. Think of us as a house doctor. We will diagnose every little issue your home has so that we can repair them right away.

We have the right equipment to complete foundation raising. Our helical lifting system can handle the weight of your home and lift it to a height that is ideal for its safety. Helical piers are proven a safe and effective way to elevate a home without causing it to break and making sure every part remains intact. If you have other questions about the process of foundation raising, we will happily discuss it with you. Give us a call today so we can tell you more about the best solution for your housing problems.

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