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House Bolting (Seismic Retrofitting)

It is important to keep a house safe, especially when talking about its structure. However, not very many homeowners are familiar with house bolting, which is an essential procedure in keeping your home durable. House bolting is more than putting bolts on the wall where you place a frame. It is more than an internal process. It is a process that should have been done to your home to ensure its stability. However, this is not always the case for every household. Some houses don’t have house bolting, which can compromise the overall strength of your home. House bolting strengthens the base of your home which makes an added security. It is especially crucial during intense weather conditions because it keeps your house in place. Aside from storms, earthquakes can cause real damage to your entire home, including the foundation. With house bolting your house gets an added protection so that you don’t have to worry about your safety.

Our method of installing house bolts is proven secure and effective. Our aim is not only to strengthen your home but also to keep the bolts as discreet as possible so that your guests would not notice them. After the process of house bolting, you will have added confidence that your home can stand any storm or earthquake without seeing a bunch of bolts around the posts of your home. Security doesn’t have to look ugly. We can make this happen with our expertise and skills in the area of house bolting.

Further, we can provide you with hold down brackets, cripple wall bracing, and foundation bolting. Each one of these techniques functions uniquely, but they all used for earthquake retrofitting. These are essential techniques to ensure your house is sturdy enough to survive an earthquake. What hold down brackets do is to connect the framing of the wall to the foundation to add stability. On the other hand, cripple wall bracing takes care of the crawl spaces in your house. The cripple wall is important because if it fails, the top level of the home can sink to the bottom. Plywood needs to be applied to it to guarantee that the wall framing is stable. Lastly, foundation bolting is installing wooden frame and bolting to the foundation of a home for added security. This task is not for the inexperienced because failure to this properly means compromising the safety of your home. We have the most qualified engineers who can help you have a stable and safe house that you can be confident to live in.

You may be unsure whether your home needs to be re-bolted or not that is why we encourage you to contact us today. We have a team of professional and skilled bolting experts who can provide the solution for your different housing needs. Improper bolt installation or not installing it at all can cause problems moving forward. We know you want a home that can outlast any storm or earthquake and we will help you achieve that. Call us now, and we will help you decide which re-bolting techniques best fit your home’s situation.

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